• The SEAL Future Fund established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in New York
  • Leadership Team & Boards established


  • $45,000 in scholarship funds were distributed to 9 SEALs
  • First class of SEAL transition candidates secured positions at prestigious graduate   schools, internship programs and as permanent hires
  • Advised U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business on veteran entrepreneurshi


  • $100,000 in scholarship funds were distributed to 10 SEALs
  • Expanded SFF to San Diego, CA schools, internship programs and as permanent hires
  • Held first networking event in San Diego
  • Expanded the Executive and Business Network to the West Coast


  • $100,000 in scholarship funds were distributed to 10 SEALs
  • Established relationship with the elite Program for Leadership Development at the Harvard Business School to provide an admissions path and scholarship funds
  • Launched academic and career coaching pilot program
  • Established test preparation partnership with Kaplan Test Prep
  • Launched the Entrepreneur Assistance program
  • Established innovative Leadership Transition Employment program
  • Instituted academic and career coaching program with elite professional coaches
  • Developed mock interview process with the Executive and Business network



In 2012 a group of Navy SEALs and leading executives teamed up to tackle the challenges faced by SEALs transitioning out of the Navy.  The SFF founding team recognized that the transition problem is best solved by creating a community of leading executives and organizations committed to supporting SEALs.  Since then, the SFF has been run by an equal mix of SEALs and civilians, developing a transition platform in partnership with elite business and academic institutions.

The SFF was founded on and abides by the following core principles:

  • Best-in-class solutions
  • Strong partnerships
  • Lifetime access and support
  • Adherence to the SEAL Ethos